Pictured February 13, 2004
at the Teddy Awards are
The Nomi Song director Andrew Horn,
D.E.B.S. director Angela Robinson and 
Wild Side director Sebastien Lifshitz.
Photo by Eugene Hernandez

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See it now! You can stream The Nomi Song on your computer or download it now from the distributor. Click here for more information. Or click here to order The Nomi Song on DVD with over 75 minutes of great bonus material. DVD available in English, German, French and Japanese!

New Klaus Sightings!

If there can't be any new work from Klaus, the next best thing is that he continues to inspire others.

Nomi's life and work are about to be resurrected, in a co-creation between choreographer Alan Greig and theatre director Grant Smeaton. Do You Nomi? is the first outing for Alan Greig Dance Theatre, formerly known on the Scottish dance scene as X Factor Dance.

'Grant and I both felt that Klaus had an incredible voice,'says Greig. 'And he looked really unique, with his painted white face and black lips. Klaus didn't just stand there and sing into a mic, he played a character and blended lots of things together -- rock, opera, pop, theatre, fashion, cabaret.'

True to Nomi's legacy, Greig and Smeaton are also mixing things up by blending pure dance, scripted theatre, and dance and movement combined, recruiting two actors and two dancers for the task.

Klaus returns to the world of high fashion! According to W Magazine, Jean-Paul Gaultier has taken the Nomi look to his new line! Click here to read more. And click here for the NY Times about the Nomi influence in both Gareth Pugh and Hugo Boss' new lines.

March 2008 was a big month for Klaus Nomi in Berlin. Apart from the gallery show, "Do You Nomi" (see below) the Berliner Festspiele presented "Hommage a Klaus Nomi - a songplay in nine fits" by composer Olga Neuwirth, directed by filmmaker Ulrike Ottinger, with video projects by Lillevan and sung by counter-tenor Andrew Watts.

After the two events in Italy this past year (see below), the "Do You Nomi" Klaus Nomi Tribute came to Berlin on February 22 featuring new Nomi inspired works by various artists. Andrew Horn, director of THE NOMI SONG was there for a fun and well attended opening night. See the pictures here. A further event is being planned for New York later this year!

Last fall's Nomi art exhibit in Milan opened September 25 (the day after the first Arte showing!) and ran till October 26, 2007. Being in a gallery and not a big disco, it was, of course not the grand bacchanal of the Parma event (see below), nonetheless it was full of a lot of interesting and interested people. Click here to see some of the works in the show.

Their previous event at the Veronika Club in Parma this spring was, by all reports, a big success. Click here to see photos.

Also check out WFMU's tribute to Klaus from the recent fund raising marathon.
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The Venture Bros:
Showdown at Cremation Creek (Parts I & II)

David Bowie, Iggy Pop and Klaus Nomi

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by Palm Pictures

Qucktime 1:39

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Andrew Horn Interviewed
by Delphine Valloire

FLM Magazine
Andrew Horn
on the making of
The Nomi Song 

Film Threat
Andrew Horn Interviewed
by Amanda Reyes

July 28, 2007
WFMU: Andrew Horn plays 1989-92 recordings from East German rock radio during the time of the Wall's demise
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June 16, 2005
Andrew Horn on
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February 04, 2005
Andrew Horn on
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