Pat Keck - artist

The artist, Pat Keck was a big Klaus fan. And she built, after his death, a life-size, fully articulated doll of Klaus -made out of wood, because she crafted everything out of wood. Klaus, life-size, was laid out on this remarkable, Klaus-inspired decorated sarcophagus with lyrics from The Cold Song around the edge,. And because Pat’s father was an engineering professor, he helped her engineer hydraulics, so that you could step on a pedal, and Klaus would rise from the dead. He would sit up and his head would come forward, and his arms would move, and it would give everybody the creeps. But...That was ok. That was ultimately part of the appeal, y’know, at a given point, one has to have some perspective on the fact that Klaus died, and maybe it was a moment of shared humor. But ultimately, a fond memorial to Klaus.

                                                                                 - Pamela Rosenthal